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Parent Sessions

How to best support you and your child

How do I best support my child academically and socially?

How do I best support my family?

How do I deal with my own worries and concerns?

How do I approach the next hurdle that comes along?

How do I learn more about dyslexia?

How do I work with teachers and the school?

Learning is challenging and affects not only the child but also the whole family. Many questions arise about how you can best support yourself and your family. Working out what to prioritise and what action to take can be frustrating and confusing.


The program aims to give you direction and action allowing you to successfully achieve what you want.

You are taken through a process to identify an area in your life where you want to see gain or improvement. This can be related to dyslexia or anything that is important  to you. By unpacking the issue, we then design specific actions that will successfully lead you to achieving your goal.


  • clarify areas of your life that you want to work on, change or improve

  • set clear goals

  • assess where you are right now

  • identify your options

  • create an action plan

  • review progress


Session fees are payable upfront. Where possible make-up sessions will be offered.

Location options

  1. Business premises - Northgate, South Australia

  2. Online via Zoom

Next step

Please contact me with any questions you have about dyslexia and available programs. You can also book a free initial meeting to discuss your particular needs.

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